Monday, May 3, 2010

Blood Draw Day...We're Done

Will we ever take Hannah to LabCorp again? We walked in the waiting room and there were about 15 elderly people and a couple of young women waiting to be seen. I was taking care of the admin stuff and Steven was trying to contain Hannah while she was violating the boundaries of half the poor little ole people just minding their own business! I think they were so bored waiting that they found Hannah to be a breath of fresh air which helped our stress a little because I wouldn't want to have to slap an ole lady with an oxygen tank! Thank goodness we had an appointment because they pretty much got us right in. It took about 10 minutes for them to realize that they weren't going to get any blood out of this wild hyena disguised as a sweet little girl. She sat in my lap and I had my legs and arms wrapped around her. Steven was holding her right arm and trying to prevent her head from breaking my nose and these people couldn't even handle one arm. They were just scared, so they recommeded Children's Hospital. Steven and my nerves were shot by now. We hardly said a word on the way to the hospital because I think we were both fantasizing about being in another place.

Children's Hospital had more procedures to go through before they would take us so we had to wait a while longer to get Hannah in. They had a table that Hannah lied down on and Steven and I restrained her while two nurses drew the blood. They had to try three places and it finally flowed out of her wrist. It seemed like forever for the vials to fill up but when it was finally over, Hannah was ok.

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  1. Praise the Lord that is done! Sorry it was so hard to get it done though.