Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 1

Monday night before Hannah went to bed we listened to the entire cd (35 min) of With Wolves and Whales, the cd that BB gave us to stimulate her right brain. The next morning, Hannah asked for her bath as she always does. Five minutes later, she was out with a towel drying herself off. This is very unusual because she rarely ever wants to get out of the bathtub at all. We have to make her get out so she can get dressed before the therapist comes.

We are suppose to have her listen to 10 minutes three times a day in the left ear, but I am playing it in the background as much as possible because she won't leave her earphones on. The music is powerful. I actually feel more focused myself, and Abigail is calmer than usual, a perfect side benefit!

This morning Hannah went right downstairs and helped herself to the last two pieces of pizza and did not even ask for her bath. She has been crawling around the house and rolling on the floor. Unfortunately, on the downside she is picking a sore on her face again. I hope that does not become her next obsession as we have been down that road. There is not enough duct tape to wrap around her to keep her from picking!!

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