Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Urine Sample and Blood Test

Steven and I are going to wake up around 4am tomorrow morning so we can try to get a urine sample. This is going to be a hoot! First of all, I don't think Steven will ever wake up, but he will help me in his sleep. He is a machine! Secondly, Hannah may wake up the entire house because of her rage, and thirdly, we'll be very fortunate to get the first day's urine from her since she still wears a pullup to bed. But hey, we have to give it try. I am totally trusting God on this one. And if we can't get a sample then we'll just settle for the blood. I called Labcorp today and they are 100% prepared to restrain Hannah as needed to get the blood. The good thing is that they only have to get 2 large viles full of it so I'm hoping it will go quickly. This blood test will tell us if Hannah has any food sentivities at which time we will work on adjusting her diet accordingly. One activity in the BB program is training the smell sense to start working. Since Hannah has a right-brain deficiency we will be putting essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptis, and other strong smelling scents on her right collar. This has been proven to help picky eaters. Think about it...if we didn't smell the chocolate chip cookies and we had never eaten them, would we want them? We eat with our nose and eyes first and then our taste buds. If you have a brain imbalance none of those senses work correctly. My heart goes out to these kids!! I can't wait to post a picture of Hannah eating an ice cream cone. I know she wants to but she just can't do it.

Those of you who are praying for us, I truly thank you! Please pray that we can get this urine sample and also on Monday or Tuesday we will be taking Hannah to get the blood. Please pray that none of us including Hannah will be anxious and that the blood draw will be efficient.

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