Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hannah's Going to Be a Sister Again

I'm pregnant. Just weeks after I dumped out my last bit of maternity clothes and most of my baby stuff I find out I'm pregnant! God certainly has a sense of humor. It really is funny....and exciting. I will say though that one of my first thoughts was, "God, does this mean that you are going to heal my sweet Hannah?" Garrett is heading to highschool next year and he has been a tremendous help to me especially in the instance that I can't take the girls out together. It is really stressful to go most places with Hannah alone...add Abby and it's double...add a baby and it's triple...minus Garrett and it's exponential! So, my initial thought was that if God healed Hannah then I would be able to take everyone out to the park or the zoo or the grocery store; otherwise, it could be hazardous to our health!

I always think I know how He should fix things, but I always find out that He knows best. If God heals Hannah through Brain Balance or any other means, we will rejoice until the day we die. If God chooses to keep her the way that she is, I know He will provide the daily bread/grace that we need to love her, teach her, and show her and our other children His glory today and every day.

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